What is Write? or Write!

Write? or Write! is an initiative to help writers around all of the KPOP writing community get motivated to write in a fun and engaging way.Every month, we'd be hosting writing events, challenges or games to get words written down for all our existing WIPs.Our goal is to help writers write, even a little, every day, and have fun while doing it!

How does it work?

1. Every month we'll be announcing writing challenges, events or games on Twitter that will run for a month -- with mini-events relating to the challenges posted every day.2. You can work on whatever WIP during the entirety of the month. It doesn't matter if you work on one, or a lot.3. Everyone can join, but only participants who are in the discord will be able to claim rewards.4. Whether you're a participant on the discord or on Twitter, you don't have to participate in all of the daily events. We aim to make this as stress free as possible so participate when you have time.

What's in it for you?

From personal experience, rewards are extremely motivating. So here are a few rewards that writers, who join our events, will get every month.

1. BADGESEvery participant who join us on discord will be able to get participation badges, whether you've achieved your goals or not. The fact that you've decided to participate is a big step in itself.Additonally, there would be badges for those who've achieved great things (like most words written for the month, achieved their monthly goals, etc.)There would also be event-based badges every month.2. Writer Shout-OutsThere would be daily, weekly and monthly shout-outs to writers who have exceeded their and our goals in a particular timeframe.We'd want to give a shout-out to all those writers who put in an effort everyday, every week or every month to put words on pages.3. Promotions for your FicsAs this fest is aimed to put words on pages, we'd like to give promotions to those fics that are completed (whether it be the whole story, a chapter or just a bulk of your WIP) while participating in this fest.That way, we can also encourage other writers to participate in the events.

Introducing the Mods

She/Her | 18+ |Main Mod
writes for NCT, Golden Child, AB6IX, CIX, Stray KidsMOD BLIZZARD⚡
She/Her | 18+ |Communication, Discord and Graphics Mod
writes for NCT, Stray Kids, The BoyzMOD DAZE🦄
She/Her | 18+ |Communication and Discord Mod
writes for Twice and Red VelvetMOD LU🦋
They/Them | 18+ | Communication Mod
writes for NCT, Seventeen, Stray Kids, AteezMOD NATT🦔
She/They | 18+ | Communication Mod
reads for almost all fandomsMOD SPARKLES✨
She/Her | Minor |Communication, Discord and Content Mod
writes for BTS, TXT and Stray KidsMOD VEN 🐧
She/Her | Minor |Communication and Discord Mod
writes for The BoyzMOD XYH🥑
She/Her | Minor | Communication and Content Mod
writes for Stray Kids, The Boyz, Seventeen, NCTMOD Z 🐛
He/They| 18+ | Communication Mod
writes for Stray Kids

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